Rhone Valley


Rhone Valley

Having made it over the pass, we're greeted with spectacular views of the Rhone Valley.

It was shortly after I took this photo that we received a text from British Airways saying that they'd cancelled our flight home and that we should logon to ba.com to arrange an alternate one, which wasn't very handy given that we were driving through the mountains. We were planning to have a leisurely drive back to the airport along the south shore of Lake Geneva. However, having received this disturbing news about our flight, we decided to cease our meandering and head directly for the airport.

As the cancelled flight was the last BA flight to Heathrow on Saturday, we were concerned that we'd be stuck overnight. However, as luck would have it, because we arrived at the airport so promptly, BA were able to book us onto a Swiss Air flight back to Heathrow. We ended up getting home at pretty much exactly the same time as we would have had our flight not been cancelled. Plus we got to spend an hour in the delightful Swiss Air business lounge, scoffing their jelly beans and mini Toblerones.

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