It's a bit of a palaver trying to embed videos into the photo galleries.

This isn't much of an issue for me as I rarely take any video.

However, I do take the odd one, so here are some of my favourites.

Portugal - January 2022

We were on the P&O cruise ship Iona, which had to pass under the Pont 25 de Abril bridge on its way into Lisbon. There is 233 feet (70m) of clearance under the bridge at its centre and Iona is about 217 feet (65m) tall! The humming noise you can hear is from vehicle tyres on the open road deck, which is just a metal grid. So if you look carefully as Iona passes under the bridge you can see the traffic right through the road deck, which is a bit weird.

Canada - November 2015

It was very entertaining driving our Jeep Wrangler around in the snow.

Canada - November 2014

Driving back to Calgary for our flight, we had a bit of a moment in the drifting snow on highway 1 as a truck drove past us.

Zermatt - September 2013

This bit of trail must have been hilarious before they put the fence up.

Zermatt - July 2011

This was on the way down from the Hornlihutte. In July. Be prepared for anything, anytime.

Also on the way down from the Hornlihutte, approaching the rock bridge.

Still on the way down from the Hornlihutte, approaching the suspended trail.